Fascinating Stuff

We are a team of professionals that holds expertise and experience in gemology, law, accounting, finance, taxes, ERP, investments, web design, graphics, ecommerce, purchasing, photography, online marketing and computer programming. We were looking for a passion and realized that our skills were right for the time we are living in and decided to build exclusive product stores online. The new technology made it possible for us to work at different locations and pull expertise together to build stores and establish a supply chain of beautiful and authentic gifts produced in various places around the world.

Why Ecommerce?

We worked in corporate jobs of 50-60 hours a week like most. But the rapid pace of the information technology fascinated us. The digitization is changing our lives faster than any revolution did before. Internet stores, cool web technology, mobile device shopping, automated checkout, payment gateways, stores open 24 hours, cash sales, low investment, global customers, worldwide shipping, remote working and easy communication were appealing factors.

All signs pointed to the internet shopping explosion. We knew that we had found the passion. So we went on to build 4 and are now working on 3 more... all of this outside work hours. We have traveled to many countries to buy, met interesting people, stayed up nights, got new skills, made mistakes and learned lessons of what not to do. With the skill sets and experience, we are now poised for growth.