Channel Master Role Description

Ecommerce has substantially changed since the days of mostly independent online stores. Online retailers used to sell only on their own online stores and some sold on eBay and some on Amazon. The number of marketplaces have grown exponentially. Online marketplaces that have earned the trust of customers with strong information security and reliable customer service like Amazon and eBay have are doing very well. Owning and running your own stores is not enough for online merchants. They must manage their presence and sales on at least major online marketplaces on a daily basis. The Channel Master is this role. With over 25 online marketplaces and our over 15,000 top quality products, you can imagine how much scope you will have to generate revenue for yourself. As we have stated below, we will provide all the support you will need such help produce product feed files, fulfill orders, process returns, issue refunds, manage own online stores, attend customer service calls, respond to customer questions by phone or e-mail, and also handle all back office tasks including taxes, compliance etc. All you have to do is manage product listings that will lead to sales.