Malabar Spice Shop

Columbus wandered to the Americas in the hope of finding India. He missed the mission to bring the spices from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Asian Islands... the real deal. Battles were fought, adventures were undertaken and riches were created through the histroic spice and silk route.

Watch out. We are now bringing you the real deal and you will not think about spices and buying spices the same way again! Now the spice trade is going digital, global and 24-7. We call many things a spice of life because spice adds the most likable flavor and just makes things better. We will offer the best tropical and packaged spices of best brands online soon. Ah, yes, they will come with the best recipies too!

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Yatin Yoga

The name 'Yatin' in sanskrit means the ‘God of Yoga’ or an ascetic who goes beyond the material world to seek spiritual satisfaction. Yati also means a true samnyasi one who is dettached from worldly things. He has a hoilitistic view of the world. Our mission is to the ancient wisdom relevent to our lives today. The wisdom of yoga is how we can adjust our lifestyle to live a better, healthy and enjoyable life while continuing our responsibilities.

Contrary to the common belief, yoga is not just about yoga exercise including poses, asanas for body toning or sweating. Yoga is more than an excercise studio. Yoga is a way of life. It is a lifestyle change. It is a belief about how we eat, excercise, sleep, meditate and focus with the powers of the body and mind. Yatin Yoga will bring you the best of yoga starting with natuopathy centers and Yoga accessory store soon.

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Hindu Gift Store

Did you know Hinduism has no founder? Since 8,000 years ago, Hindusim was a way of life and not a religion. Non-violence, vegetarianism, meditation, agriculture and working with nature's energy were the hallmarks of this philosophy. It has meaningful gifts to offer in all areas of life for everyone irrespective of religious faith.

Browse statutes, sculptures, jewelry, gemstones, paintings, coins, shawls, silk, clothing, sandalwood carvings and handicrafts from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Thailand and Bali. Pick gifts to adorn your home or for your loved ones and friends. We have suitable gifts for every occasion and every budget under one roof. See our gallery and order a great gift and just open the box to enjoy the value for years to come! Explore how Hinduism created a way of life that has lasted for so long.

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