Started with a Plan

We came a long way from a napkin idea to building multiple online stores that drive money to the bank. Albeit, it took long while holding full time jobs but we stayed firm with the vision, stayed current with the technology and consistently improved on shopping carts, layouts, customer experience and infrastructure. We believe persistence, meticulous planning and execution have paved the path for growth.

We did the Homework

We completed assignments. We found products, found technology, traveled to product centers across the 7 seas, took product pictures, built tons of quality content for static pages, products and blog, did web coding, managed projects, configured shopping carts, presented an easy shopping experience, built a fulfillment center, customer service and full back office setup with efficient business processes. Now our focus is on growth.

Self Funded

All efforts so far are self funded. We are invested with money and efforts. We do not do inventory-less ecommerce unlike many today. We own product inventory and do not drop ship from China. We have designed extensive marketing collateral in print and digital including certificate of authenticity, discount cards, gift certificates, custom branded packaging and we are open for customer service 10 hours a day every day!

We've Built a Value

We have built brands that can sustain customer loyalty with the unique value we offer. Quality products, solid guarantees, great storefronts, thoughtful content, near-perfect order fulfillment, near-zero returns and a scalable infrastructure... is what we have built. Each order is inspected, packaged and shipped with care. We have applied large corporation style process engineering to the repetitive tasks we do. To sum up, we have built a business that can be scaled up quickly. Our challenge has been the slower pace than it needs to be. Funding that fits the potential can achieve accelerated growth.