Do You have a Passion for ecommerce?

If you are excited about information technology, how it is impacting our lives and wonder how the future of shopping will be, you share our passion. We have identified 6 major roles (white circles below) ranging from product master, technology master (coding, shopping carts), SEO master, social media master, channel master and graphics master. Read below and explore if our concept interests you.

What's in here for Me?

We are offering fully built business + ownership options + no financial contribution! There is no catch here. We have online storefronts, 14,000+ quality products ready to ship, Facebook stores built, social media profiles created, online marketplaces accounts opened, complete order fulfillment functioning, customer service and full back office support working for billing, returns, refunds, accounting, finance, taxes, compliance.

A Life Changing Step

Note that these are not payroll jobs and it may not be for every one. If you are looking for an easy or instant gratification like employees and contractors do, this is not a place for you. This is about having a vision, passion, drive, skills and willingness to make to the finish line with discipline. If you believe you are the right fit, please contact us . All we need is a quick message with a brief paragraph about your skills and why you want to do this. Do not send a resume. We are not 'resume' people. We read all correspondence carefully and will respond to you. This can be a life changing event if you want to make it so!

We have figured out the Code

All of the roles above when work hand in hand can do magic. We have business process charts, WBS structures, task lists and milestones with KPIs for each role that are easu to follow. We have figured out what and how it all needs to be done. All this master recipe needs is sharp minds and able hands.