Available Roles

Come, step into the future. We have identified 10 roles that run the stores. 5 roles have been taken such as Purchasing, Finance, Graphics, Fulfillment and Back Office Masters. The following 5 roles are available for you to consider. Just like a fine symphony, all roles will work together to deliver a fine performance. Today's technology has offered us cool tools and techniques such as remote working, online project management and collaboration, video calls, screen share with Skype, measuring KPIs with analytics and online prompt payment. Succeed in today's technology with your abilities and on your terms. Don't need to show up in a shiny building and be supervised by a team lead, supervisor, assistant manager, manager, super manager and super manager's manager. Work remotely. A legal agreement will describe responsibilities on both sides. Read on below and explore how your passion, skills, experience and situation align with the roles and bring you rewards for your abilities.