Amanda Bass

We fell in love with Baltic amber when we traveled to Lithuania 6 years ago. What surprised us was how little we have explored in Western countries about amber fossil, jewelry, crafts, oils, cosmetics, soaps, creams, medicines, healing products, candles, incense, paintings, books and more.

Amber is hugely popular in Europe and we thought we could tell the story of amber a little better in the U.S. We frequently travel to Baltic and Caribbean amber centers and meet with renowned artisans to pick exclusive and individually hand crafted amber and fossil designs for you. Explore our amber galleries in amazing shades of cognac, honey, golden, verdant green, orange, yellow, brown, even white and more.

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Christ Gift Store

We offer top quality and genuine jewelry and other gifts of faith in Jesus Christ that brings peace and salvation to many around the world. Our jewelry and other gifts are hand picked for its quality, workmanship, genuineness and each product is inspected carefully to ensure it will meet your expectations.

We sell a wide variety of and most popular gifts of faith for the believer. Visit our product galleries of gold Catholic patron saint lockets, silver patron saint medals, gold cross pendants, gemstone crucifix pendants, Jesus pendants, ecce homo jewelry and more. You will see that we have tried to bring maximum details with options to choose from.

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Sacha Bass Designs

At Sacha Bass, find handcrafted designs with authentic and natural colored gemstones in gold and silver. We do not sell man-made, laboratory-created, imitation, Moissanite, Chatham, other synthetic gemstones, cubic zirconia (CZ) or costume jewelry. We use only precious metals like real gold, platinum or sterling silver. We do not use pewter or low quality silver or any substitutes.

We do not buy locally from the middlemen at high prices but often travel to world's gem and jewelry hubs to pick the best designs and bring them in the comfort of your own home. We go where the jewelry is made and not where the middlemen are. We hold all products in ready stock and ship within 24 hours.

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Jaden Bass

We sell fine bridal jewelry including diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and bands, full and half eternity rings, 3 stone ring and also lockets, pendants, bracelets and earrings pairs crafted in platinum 500, 14K yellow and white gold and sterling silver.

You will find a lot of jewelry elsewhere, but the Jaden Bass designs are like no other. All jewelry is certified and you'll receive a GIA or AGS certificate for every diamond jewelry with 1+ carat diamond. We believe in ethical diamonds through Kimberly certification process (no blood diamonds). We offer over 300 pages of jewelry education, guidance and shopping tips to help you make a sound buying decision.

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